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Delicious and affordable sushi in Rego Park


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Get the bagel roll. Trust me - it'll change your life. I'm moving in a few days and I swear to God, I will miss being able to order from here mostly because of that roll. Also, their teriyaki is perfect. And the hibachi rice - I only order it from here!


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Wow! My order arrived super faster! Faster then it said in my online order info! The sushi here is super delicious! I got the cali rolls and a sushi combo, the fish melts in your mouth! Definitely ordering again!


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Not always are they on time but sometimes they do come earlier than their estimated time! Food is delicious and very fresh :) I have been ordering for years now. Always happy with the service.


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Always my favorite place for sushi! Only thing that could be better is an option for inari to be stuffed with rice instead of sushi wrapped or plain sashimi style.


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We ordered late, maybe 30 minutes or so to closing, and the food came fresh, hot, and fast! Can't complain. Would definitely recommend trying it out.

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I've ordered from this restaurant probably 8-10 times and the experience has always been great. The food is delivered on time, if not early, and at the appropriate temperature. I think the quality is great, especially for the price! Very rarely, the elderly gentleman who delivers the food is a bit hurried, but I'm honestly surprised at all the negative reviews about his attitude. Being a native southerner, this type of hurried interaction is something I don't necessarily prefer, but is definitely something I have come to expect from native New Yorkers, even those that work in the service industry. Pot calling the kettle black, much? Overall I would highly recommend this restaurant.


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I took a long time for the food to come. It was delivered over 20 minutes after the later time that was given


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I found my new favorite spot. Delicious food, great quality, good portion size. I will be ordering again.


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The food was so fresh. The sushi was high quality. Soup perfect! Everything delicious!


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This will be on my short list. Delicious, hot and early. What more could you want?

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